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Corona Update

The Academy is open like usual, please stay safe and remember this Ummat in your duas.

Serving the local community since April 1998

The Academy is a voluntary non-profit organisation and a registered charity set up primarily to meet the need of educating our children about Islam.

The Academy provides a child-centred structured learning environment for children in spacious, well equipped classrooms, based on a broad and balanced Islamic education, taught by qualified teachers who relate to and motivate children as and when required.

The Academy has a broad syllabus and uses age appropriate learning styles and materials to make learning at Abu Hurairah Academy an enjoyable experience for every child.

The Prophet (PBUH) said: “The key to Paradise is prayer (Salaah), and the key to prayer is ritual purity (tuhur).” [Ahmed]

what do we provide

An Islamic, safe and structured learning environment where learning is fun and effective. We protect the welfare of all the children by following safe recruitment policies and implement child protection procedures including DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) reference checks for all staff and volunteers.

We involve parents in the education of their children by providing homework, progress updates, reports and one-to-one parent consultation sessions.

A 'Youth Tarbiyyah Programme' for both boys and girls and an adult learning programme is provided. The adult programme was specifically created to cater for adults outside of the normal opening hours.

A range of sports and recreational activities including badminton, table tennis, football and cricket, multimedia based activities using a Nintendo Wii.

  • Islamic Jurisprudence

  • Islamic beliefs Ahlu-Sunnah Wal-Jama’ah

  • Perfecting recitation of the Qur’aan

  • Etiquette's and Manners

New Admissions

Please call the office for all new admissions.

Our team

Zeeshan Shahid

Office Manager

Abdul Musaib

Behavioural Lead

Mohammed Junade

Child Protection Officer & Academy Coordinator

Saleh Patel

Syllabus Coordinator

Hadith Corner

Application forms for weekday and weekend classes.